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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is how you can easily install 5 games on your mobile phone.

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Friends, you are on your mobile phone, WhatsApp or Instagram or social media, or you want to play a game for rest after work or for youth, today I have brought some applications, these are the applications available in  Playstore, they can help you very easily and with safety. These games are a 5 for us. I have been looking for Games it has selected the best games, about those games that are going to tell you, but you don’t need to search for that application link, you can easily set the application link given below and how to open it.

1. Vegas Crime :- 

Friends if you see our first game in this Vegas crime this game is in many ways that means friends this application is useful for our youth in many ways that is you are using free fair and pubg are the same games this application is also this application we are giving 4.1 rating Happened and  comments are all posted to us OK FRIENDS DOWNLOAD THIS COMMENT FROM BELOW LINK AND THEN SUPPORT OK FRIENDS WATCHING ANOTHER NEW GAME

2.Modern Warplanes:-

Friends, if you see the name of this game, you will know that Modern War Planes is an airplanes and flights, it is a war game. 1 There are also very good positive comments about this game ok friends looking for another game

3.War After:- 

Friends this game is good for us in many ways i.e. this game is for us 4 . With three rating we get it and you don’t need to search anywhere for this game click below link you can download it then we have very thrilling war fighting and guns army lovers will like it ok friends watch another game

4. Steel Rage :-

Friends, if you see the name of this game, many people think that it is steel range, top 5 games are all related to war, but no, we have brought a car game for you, this game is available on Playstare, click the link below to install it and install this application. If you see the rating you will get 4.2 this rating and the comments for it are very full which means they are coming positive ok friends but watch another game

5.Ninja’s Creed:-

Friends this game is very different as you think it is true what is it ninjas creed this game is good for us in cool ways it has a lot of fighting with knife and for you this game is 4.3 rating for us the comments of this game are also very good

So friends, so easy, you can also download and set those applications easily through the link I have shown on your mobile, and when your children or you have to support them, you can say that these are the best games, we have car games, ninja games, and war games. You can also help ok friends and below we have given you a video link click on that link you can watch that video on your youtube and download it easily and if you like the video then subscribe and like the video and if you have doubts then comment ok boy friends see you in the next article

Video Link:- 

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