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Hello friends how are you friends today our article is today the biggest problem that everyone has when buying a new phone is all the data in the old phone i.e. photos and videos and files audios contacts and many other files to the new phone at the same time with just one click. Many people are wasting their time not knowing how to transfer data, instead of wasting time, I am going to tell you a good trick, let’s see what it is and for this you need to download an application called Cloneit in your mobile phone, with the help of this application, all the data in our old phone can be transferred to the new one. It can be transferred to the phone very easily

Application Link:- 

Cloneit application is not any third party application it is available in google playstore if you want to download it then click on the red color download button below and you can easily download Clonit app in your mobile phone.

How To Use:-

First you need to download the application called Cloneit on your old phone and new phone, similarly, the location of both phones should be Bluetooth and on, then open the applications on both phones at the same time, when it opens, it will ask for some permissions. After clicking on the option Send on the new phone and receive on the new phone, a cooler code will be received on the new phone, the scanner will open on your old phone, if it is scanned with this, both devices will be connected to the same network. You have to select then the data in your old phone will be transferred to the new phone. This is the process. If you still don’t understand this process, I will give you the video link below. Click on that link and watch the video in full. You can easily transfer the data from your old phone to your new phone. Transfer into

Video Link:-

So friends, so easy, you can also make this application on your mobile phone and transfer all your data so easily. Okay, boy, friends, in the next article, let’s meet with another new, latest trick. Okay, boy, friends.

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