Save All Documents In One App | How To Save Your Documents In DigiLocker

 Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is going to tell you about an application called digilocker and how it can be useful for you.

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Whenever we go out, in emergency situations, we need these proofs, it is very troublesome because if you stay at home, it will be very difficult for you, so you need these proofs. Enter your Aadhaar number and enter the OTP and you can easily download it on your mobile phone and if you want to share it with someone, you can share it with them directly from there. Similarly, there is an option to download all your documents to Locker Drive in this application. With the help of this option we can store any photos in the gallery within 1 GB. How it is useful for us is that if our mobile phone is charging or if we enter our login and password on another mobile phone that we have forgotten, all our proofs will also come. Locker application is google for us This application DigiLocker is available on PlayStation and is built on behalf of the government and is very secure and does not have any problems.

Application Download Link:- 

After clicking on the red color button above friends, you will go to Playstare and from there you will be downloaded.


Friends after you open this application it will ask you some permissions give them and then you have to login there login then enter your aadhaar number and enter otp you will see all the proofs linked to your aadhaar that’s all friends that’s it You can also easily do these steps on your mobile phone and easily save your files and proofs. If anyone wants it, share it. Okay, boy friends. If you don’t understand this article, a video has been made for you in live proof. Click on the video link below and you can easily. But download the application ok boy friends see you in the next article

Video Link:-

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