No one can see your mobile number who has called you

👉 Friends, even if you call Evaki from this mobile, if your number is there, the phone call will go through

👉Like this, you need to download a small application to call your friends without the phone number being visible even from your mobile.

How to Use application :– 


♦️If you are friends, open the application after downloading

♦️After opening the application some permissions have to be given♦️Dailpad will open for you after giving permissions.

♦️It has some settings for you. Some of them are not useful for us.

♦️If we type the number in dailpad and call, the call is going.

♦️Also you will get some ads in between.

♦️Some coins will be added only if you watch ads

♦️ You can call for free with those coins without adding these coins.

♦️You are free to from there. Calls can be made.



Download Application :- 

To download the application that I mentioned, if you press on the download button in red color, you will be directly connected to the Play Store. Then you can download it easily…..


Video Link :-



Application Details :- 

App Name              :- free calling 

App size                 :- 18.MB

App downloaders   :-  1M+

App reviews.          :-1.4k

App reating            :- 4.2 


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