how to set whatsapp voice lock

Set WhatsAppface Lock..

👉If Friends is WhatsApp on your mobile, you can set face lock as well as voice lock. You can keep the voice lock if you can. Voice is useful when you are in the dark and face lock is good when you have light.
How to Use application :- 

♦️Whatsapp is said to be compulsive whether friends see it on your mobile or on their mobile at home or on someone else’s mobile.

♦️We are doing many kinds of chats on our WhatsApp every day, if we are sharing messages and photos videos with our friends, there is a chance that anyone can see our WhatsApp if not us.

♦️Because when someone takes our mobile, they have a chance to go to our WhatsApp and see the amount in it.

♦️That’s why we keep setting something like normal for our WhatsApp, otherwise you can set a face lock for your WhatsApp if you want.

♦️Today in this blog we will learn in detail about how to set WhatsApp.

♦️If you want to set up WhatsApp on your mobile, you have to use the application for that.

♦️How to download WhatsApp on our mobile using that application, after downloading, what settings should be made in it

So you don’t need to know that we can also lock our WhatsApp face.


♦️Also the link of the application can be downloaded from this blog without wasting time download the application you see in this photo immediately.

How to download application :- 
To download the application that I mentioned, if you press on the download button in red color, you will be directly connected to the Play Store. Then you can download it easily…..
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