Kinemaste Best Alternative Editing App

Hello friends, in this video we have an app that is better than kinmaster. If you want to know what is the app and what are its features, I will tell you in this blog.

How to Use Application :- 

👉 In case of application, you will have a download button below, press it and you can download it

👉In this application, you can do the editing you like, effects, and amazing editing to put on WhatsApp status and there are many more types.

👉After downloading the application it will ask for some permissions if you open it

👉After giving permission, the application will be opened for us

👉In the application interface, you will see very amazing where the video editing options tools will come.

👉If you have the effects here, you will see the editing done on the computer and the editing can be done very easily.


👉 After adding your photos with the effects there, there will be an option, then if you click on the option called Export, the edited file will go to your gallery.

👉 About all the options and tools here, there is a video link at the end of this blog.


Video link :- 



How to download application :- 

To download the application that I mentioned, if you press on the download button in red color, you will be directly connected to the Play Store. Then you can download it easily…..


App Info :- 

Name              :- Filim Maker 

Size                 :-  34MB

Reating            :- 4.6 

Reviews.          :- 355k 

Downloads      :- 10M


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