Any app messages can be put on the same schedule

Whatsapp Message For Schedule :-



👉 Friends, instead of waiting till the night to wish your friends on their birthday, you can schedule the wishes message you have to say to them and send them at the right time.
👉With this trick, you can do more than just this, you can also schedule WhatsApp messages, messages, phone calls and calls.
👉You set something for today’s society and message them at the same time.
👉Friends, you can also send photos not only in the message but also on the schedule and related photos can also be sent on the schedule.
👉 If you want to schedule phone calls on WhatsApp in your mobile, you need to download a small application.
How to Use Application :- 
♦️Friends click on the small red color download button and download the application.
♦️After downloading the application, open it, it will ask you for some permissions, give that permission.
♦️After giving the permissions, the permission called Access Bull Tea also comes which must also be given.


♦️This is how you will get it After this you need to set it if you want to send a scheduled message on WhatsApp or Gmail if it is Gmail.
♦️After doing sir you will get a message where you want to type any message type that message.
♦️After entering the message there you will get date time. should also be set.
♦️After doing OK in all the settings you will see a tick mark there if there is a change, if you click on the tick mark the message you have entered will go away if it is in the schedule.
♦️Have you seen that many friends? In this way, you can also send messages to your friends on a schedule.
Download Application :-
To download the application that I mentioned, if you press on the download button in red color, you will be directly connected to the Play Store. Then you can download it easily…..


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