How To Earn Money From Share Chat in 2022 | Earn money from sharechat


How To Earn Money From Share Chat in 2022

Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is about how we can earn money through share chat application which we all know.

Friends you are using share chat application but every one use that application only to share pics and see news on whatsapp but no one knows that you can earn money in it. Generally share chat is we have many types of news international national news friends here is the link of this application. It is going to tell you the amount of money you are giving below and how to earn it

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Friends this application is available on Playstare if you click on the above link and download the application there it says select the language you like then select the profile there then set the phone number there and enter the OTP Do it and set the location there and then click on the money symbol above there and then it will ask refer and earn there if you send that link to your friends and if your friends click on it and then download the slope there you will get a reward and You can send unlimited and in your two referrals you will get Lodritickets and vouchers will also come and your friends will signup and you will get money within one hour. In this application you We don’t need to process them but for us you just need to do one thing that is tell your friends to share and download it After you get a small amount of money from the first referral you will get a lot of money and a lot of vouchers and a lot of lottery tickets you can pay that money to your account or phone. You can send it to friends

So easily you can also download this share chat application on your mobile phone and send money easily ok boy friends see you in the next article and if you click on the video link below you will get my video on youtube and friends if you like the video please like and subscribe ok Boy friends, see you in the next article

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