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Hello hi friends how are you friends today in this article I am going to tell you a new application to earn money this app is just to earn money by playing games and to download this app I will give you the red color download button below the link click on it and you can download the app

How to earn money online Telugu

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Friends, you use many types of websites and applications to earn money online, but you don’t have the confidence that the money you have invested in such websites or applications will be returned to you and how much money you have invested in such applications. It is possible that you will get less but in this application that I am going to tell you very easily if you put some money to you, you will get money with more than double, I am going to tell you completely how to do it.

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Friends as soon as you click on the below red color button you will see the download link there if you install it you will get the application and there is no fraud in it I am going to tell you the steps to be followed after downloading

How To Use:-

1)  After downloading the app, you need to login. For login, an OTP code will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the OTP, enter the captcha and set the password of your choice.

2)  coin for 2 uploads and 51 coins for registering with your mobile number, you will get 52 rupees as bonus

3) With this you can refer and earn along with the games

4) It is just a small betting type of how you can earn money by playing games

5)  After you play the game you bet 10 or 20 on the game and if you win you will get extra money on top of your bet and if you lose then all your bet will be lost.

6) In this game there is a game called Dragon Vice Tiger in this game if you bet 100 rupees thinking that tiger will win in this game then if tiger really wins you will get 95 rupees each along with your 100 rupees and if you lose then your 100 rupees will also be lost.

7) In this way you have to play the game by placing an amount that tiger or dragon will win and you can transfer the winning amount to your pretm account or bank account within 100 rupees.

Friends, have you seen that every day we come to you with a new trick but today our trick is a small application to easily earn as much money as you want but heseppa you can earn any amount of money through this and this article is not meaningful so here is a video link given on the link Click and click on that link immediately you will see my video ok friends another new latest update is coming for you ok boy friends see you in next article

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Download Link :- click here 

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