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 Convert image To Text Easy Method

Hi guys how are you? Anything in this article is a book but we type the letters on it not only on the computer but also on our mobile phones but the trick I say is that it is enough if you scan directly with an app without typing this way you will have any lettering on that page Those letters will also come to you in the form of a text so I will explain to you in full in this article what the simple method is and how to use the application.

How To Download Application: –

  If you press the red button below in red color you will be connected directly to the Play Store from which you can download the app

How To Use: –

You can see some image below. After you have installed the application on your mobile phone, we have to give some permission. This is how the interface of the application comes to us after giving permission.

After opening the application, two types of options will appear: one is the camera and the other is the gallery as you can see below.

  If we click on the first option, we will take a photo live and then we will get the text from it. Gallerymeans that the photos we have taken before will contain photos taken.

  You can see some photos below as well as taking a photo of a photo on a test book and texting it is called Image to Text.

 If you have scanned the whole thing you will also get into Google latrines Anamata computer but if you look at it you will understand that it is very useful you must use it in addition to posting in the article in this way I will also be making a video on the youtube channel you can click on that video link You can easily see the whole step by step process and you will understand the same information that will be explained to you clearly.

Video Link: –

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