YouTube Best Trick In Telugu | YouTube Secrect Tricks

Hi friends how are you friends today our article is going to tell you a best trick while using youtube

This means that when we are playing a song on YouTube, when the song is in the middle, if we press the lock button on our mobile phone, the song will automatically turn off. What is the trick I will tell you today? You must have an app and you can download the app. I will tell you all in a small process as well as if you do this, your mobile phone battery will be removed from your sister’s mobile phone.

Video is not playing only one audio song is playing The reason for saying this trick is that many people may think that there are geo music apps for listening to audio songs. If the music does not play directly in the place online then we will set them on youtube and listen to more

What happens to us when we listen to this is that the video automatically understands when we do not want the video to do the same.

How To Download :- 

Tell me if you have downloaded below. Is there a red button? Press that button and you can easily download it on the application.

The application will appear in the Play Store where you can click on it and you can download it and then open it and it will ask us some permissions. Permissions should be given to us.

YouTube Best Trick In Telugu | YouTube Secrect Tricks

Here is the screenshot of whether the lock icon is coming with an icon or not

What happens if you see the same song you played here after you opened YouTube?

Friends means with this simple trick you can easily save your mobile phone battery

YouTube Best Trick In Telugu | YouTube Secrect Tricks

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Similarly I have also done a video on YouTube to make this app clear. If you watch that video you will know the clear information. I will give the link of the video below.

I’ll come once that comes


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