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 Hello friends how are you friends I have come to you with a brand new news that you can make easy phone calls without any kind of recharge but without mobile data I am going to tell you how to do it below fully read and if you don’t understand then a video link has been given below you will get YouTube as soon as you click on that link Connect to and from there you can watch the video

Friends, you go out many times, when you go out, you lose your way somewhere, or if you have any danger, when you think you need to call someone, or your cart has stopped, or if something happens to you, you think you need to call them at home, but this mobile recharge is not possible. I am going to tell you at such a time that if you ask someone’s mobile during recharge, who is who or when you are somewhere else, you don’t know their language, it is very useful for someone who doesn’t have recharge, who doesn’t have balance, who is in trouble, but if you want to call their phone, it is very easy to call them and friends. You want to call your friends but you only have mobile data but there is no balance, where do you go at such a time? Some times you may not have money or the shop may be closed and your phone may also not have money. You can call anyone without getting frustrated that you have no balance or no recharge but for this friends you need to download a small application and the full details of the application are given below.

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Friends if you know the name of this application how many calls app this application is available in play store this application after opening it asks for your mobile number there give your mobile number and then give the OTP received to that mobile number after giving it you dial pad It will open and ask for some permissions. After giving the permissions, you can call anyone you want to call. After doing that, you will be able to make free calls very easily.

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Have you seen this friends? Every day I am in front of you with a latest trick or any new trick. Similarly if we did our trick today it can be said that this is a trick to make easy free calls without any recharge. Similarly if you like this article then share it with your friends and the above video. Click on the link to watch the full video and I’ll be back with another new trick till then have a good time guys.

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