free airtel caller tune in 2022

 Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is about how to tune your favorite caller tune to Airtel Wade members for freefree airtel caller tune in 2022


Friends you are using Airtel SIM but you think you have to pay for that SIM too and set the caller tune and you are using a lot of applications but in the article I am going to tell you today it will be very useful for you which means you can easily download a small application from your mobile Through it you can set caller tune to your Airtel SIM. I’m going to tell you below very meaningfully how to do it. And if you like this article and you also like this trick then share it with your friends too because if you know that trick they can tell your friends they will also download it.

how to download:-

you can connect  to the Play Store by clicking on the red color button under Friends and you can install it from there and by clicking on the link I have given you do not even have to go into the Play Store and search for that application and this application is available in the Play Store so it is very secure.

How To Use:-

Friends As soon as you have downloaded the application it will ask you for your mobile number and give you the OTP then give it the language of your choice then you will have a search button above which you can click on that button and then if you want any movie song or any movie you like Type the name of the song and it will appear as old as you want. Click on the song below. Activate Caller Tune will ask you to activate it. After 2 minutes you will get a message. The song will last as long as you check from a different mobile you will get Clarity. Friends You can download an app yourself and tune the caller through it without calling any customer care without spending a single rupee which is the best trick.

free airtel caller tune in 2022

This is how easy it is for you friends to follow this trick on your mobile too. Keep the caller tune for free and share it with your friends as you have saved your money OK boy friends see you in the next article.

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