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 Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is to increase your mobile internet speed mobile internet speed increase .


Friends you are all using the net but you will only see if the net works at that or that speed but today in the article I am going to tell you how to increase internet speed but some people do this application say that internet speed will go up to 5G speed but Do not believe anything like that. If your friends follow some tips and tricks I say more than the internet speed on your mobile then there will be a slight improvement in your internet speed.


Friends, first of all, the reason why our internet speed is slowing down is because we all have a habit of using more applications. But when it comes back to this way all those applications are running side by side no matter what the side is. Once you click on the Recent tab all the applications that you have placed side by side will be running. So running in the background means they are definitely using the internet. If you close all the side-by-side applications that way your internet speed will improve a bit anna though. Delete all the friends and annuity applications you have because you will download some apps but they will not download them so they will run using the internet in the background so even by deleting those anonymous apps the internet speed will increase a bit. Friends, no matter how many tricks you have done, if your internet is very slow, you can tap on the applications you use daily, then the app will say info, and then click Clear Catch. Doing so will also increase the speed a lot. Friends You can increase your internet speed by doing these tricks.

Use the trick I mentioned today to increase the mobile internet speed on ok bye friends next artical to meet u

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