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 Hello Hi Friends How are you friends Today’s article is going to tell you how to do call recording on an Android mobile phone. Call recording was once available on all mobile phones. If there is no option to do the call recording then we have to download the apps in the Google Play Store instead of the settings on the phone and we have to record the call otherwise every application in the play store will not work properly if they turn on the call recording as well as for an hour Phone calls are only recorded for half an hour, as well as some kind of ads that come with downloading apps to record the call. 


Recording apps are not as secure and there is a brand new diet drink to make call recording on Android mobile phone as security means that if you want to turn on the call recording feature on your mobile you have always been using the True Caller application using the True Caller application on your mobile phone Call recording can be turned on but not before Action has recently come This option can be turned on and we can automatically record our incoming phone call It will record very high quality as well as all the call recordings we see in the True Caller application and how to turn on this feature. 


Let’s first update you through the Play Store and open it once. After opening it, log in with the mobile number you know Create an account. There are a few other options that will come up in the inbox as well as the call recording option The call recording option currently has a setting where after you turn on the setting there will be a call recording option.


 The recording calls come in the form of a photo as shown below. You can play it here on WhatsApp or delete it.

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