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Hello friends how are you friends today in our article I am going to tell you completely how to apply bajaj emi card online friends if you are visiting our blog for the first time then subscribe and send my article worth a box to your friends ok friends without further delay let’s get into the topic

bajaj, you go to the office to apply Bajaj Email Card and you try many different ways, but today in this article you can easily apply Bajaj Email Card without any papers. I will give you the link, click on that link and if you like the video from there then like and subscribe and let’s go into the topic.

Website Link:-Click here 

Friends, I am going to give you a link below, I will give you a website link easily, without any work, click on that link, after that, you will be connected to Google, it will ask you for your mobile number, give your mobile number, which is the link to your bank, and after that, you will get a six digit code. will come enter it there after that you enter your name and date of birth and pinkeye there and if you are employed then enter type Employed or Self Employed Next you set male or female after that you proceed there Click on then if you have some limit then it will be added click on procet then click on amy profile i.e. your photo and there your details will be seen click on confirm and there you will be asked to pay 530 rupees i.e. you will see your card limit and all the card details are there It will be seen that you pay that money and pay now through your phone You can also pay the amount, then you will be asked to activate now, then click on it, then enter your account details, then enter your IFSC code there, enter your bank details, then click on proceed, and then your bank. Name and some details from Bajaj office you will see a form in which you type and submit and you will be asked for registration which means you will be asked for your debit card details to be set so that direct debits will be deducted from your account without paying any amount.

So friends, so easy, you can also easily apply for any Bajaj card through your mobile app without going to any office, so friends, okay, boy friends, see you in the next article and I will give my video link below, from there you can watch the video and then subscribe.


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