Hello hi friends how are you friends today in our article is a new type of browser that can be easily used in many ways but if you know the name of this browser that is going to be told in today’s article Kiwi browser this application is available in Playstare but this application but this application link and its full details are given below I am going to say and if this article doesn’t make sense then I will give you a video link below click on that link then watch that video ok friends without delay let’s get into the topic

Application Details:-

Name:- Kiwi Browser-Fast & Quiet

Download Link:-

Friends you are using many types of browsers but the browser you don’t know is Kiwi browser which we have all kinds of options in which we can use it i.e. we can see the deleted messages in WhatsApp and you can use the website just like Google but you can use it in this. We can use many types like windows and private tabs and this is a safe website and a very safe website for us so many people can use this website application it is just designed like our google chrome and in it we can easily see the deleted messages in WhatsApp. Friends

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