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 Hello hi friends how are you friends our article is going to tell about a small application to earn money online easily this application is useful for us to earn money in many ways and in this we can earn money by playing games easily what is this application we are going to tell below its full details

Friends, are you earning money online, for that you are doing some application or other app, you are working in it or some are doing homework for student or some are some copy paste job, many types of website or many types of applications. I am going to tell you about the best easy and very very best application. This application is available on IOS, so whoever uses iPhone, this application is available in their play store. Think about how cute this application is because we daily Whoever is there, their play store does not have this application, because this application was banned a few months ago, which means that this application should only be on this phone, it has been removed from the play store. You will see an application that is iPhone Do you know security law, giving an application in an iPhone mobile phone means an application, think about it. Similarly, in normal other mobile phones, this application is not available in the play store. How much security is this older application given in the OS? Similarly, this application is every I am going to give you a link to download Yoga on your mobile phone and they think it is a waste of work or it is a fake application but it is not any kind of fake you can easily complete it and transfer money and there is no limit you can today. You can transfer as much as you earn and directly to your bank account or your paytm account or even your sister’s paypal account similarly I am going to give below the application link of this application you can see what is this application how to use it how to log in The full details will be given below Similarly, I have made a video on this topic and I am going to give the link of that video below. You can easily watch the video link and you can see it in Life. You can also watch it in Life and try it.

App Link:-

Friends, through this application, you can play ludo game and earn money

What is the most popular game that many people are using in their mobiles that is Ludo. Through this game, 4 members can easily play the game together and you can earn money easily. I will not tell you how to do it. I will give you a video link below. Click on that link and watch the video. Ok friends.

After opening the friends application it will ask you for your language, you will be asked for your mobile number, after giving your language, you will be asked for your mobile number, then you will be logged in to that mobile number. If you see the second option, it will ask for your name. After giving your name, give your full name, click on the option below Completed your profile. After that, some options will appear, borad. 20 rupees bonus will come similarly if you think you have deposited 500 then another 500 will be added to it similarly if you complete daily some or some the money will come then it will ask you some permission give them after giving you will get one twenty rupees in it In this application it shows you have 20 rupees in your wallet that you get bonus and also below there are some games in which you open your favorite game and play it and to play this game you have to have money which means you first A bonus of 20 rupees has been received and from that 20 rupees an entry fee of two rupees has been added, which means that you are putting two rupees under the game bed. You can transfer to your bank account or to paytm or even to paper and there are some spins through which you will get some amount if you say you will get some amount through fancy application you can give referral link that is how you copy the link where your applications are in japan After doing it give it to your friend If they download the application and register once, you will get money easily, if it is 100 rupees, you will get it. Similarly, whatever problem you have, if you share with one person, you will get 100 rupees. Similarly, if you share with many people every day, you will get hundreds. You can transfer this amount to any day

So friends here we are with another latest update for you so much vacation boy and click on the video link given below and if you like this article then share this article with your friends and family members ok boy friends

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