IPL LIVE Streaming Watch online Link 2022 Free and TV Channel in India and Other Countries

 hello hi friends how are you friends my article today i am going to tell you completely how to watch ipl live for free

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 IPL live For Free In 2022 disney+hotstar Friends you may use many applications third party link for IPL live but the secret you don’t know is that you can buy hotstar prime for free how it works through flipkart application which you use every day in the year 2021 I have put some videos for IPL their respective links I will also give you the application and see if it is useful or I am going to tell you one trick below, through which you can easily buy Hotstar trains and watch IPL live. Let’s see how it is.

How to use:-

IPL live For Free In 2022 disney+hotstar When you book any product in the Flipkart application that you use every day, you get some points without knowing it, so if you have some points, for example, you bought a mobile phone, the price of that mobile phone is 10000, and when you book that mobile phone, you get a hundred coins. For every item that you book, some amount of coins will be added, we can buy hot star crime through these coins, these coins are equal to money for us, one coin is worth one rupee. You will see Rhymes Rhymes and as soon as you see it, you will see Hotstar Prime, click on it, after that, you can put 300 coins under it and buy it if it is Hotstar Crime. Not knowing the trick Many people leave those coins as they are, after one year, they become too much, so we can earn these coins by playing games.

Did you see that means you can easily check how many nuts you have in Flipkart on your mobile phone and if you are a hot star , buy it. The same friends will come to you again with the latest update, by friends.

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