Whatsapp New Feature (tricks and tips)

Hello hi friends how are you friends today our topic is easy as soon as someone comes online on whatsapp you will get a notification and tell you if it is a new Whatsapp New Feature.

Friends, if we go to WhatsApp normally, but we don’t know who is online and who is offline, we don’t know, but if we know who is online, then we can send a message to them.

Even when we are doing some work or going somewhere, our WhatsApp is open. Without knowing whether they are online or not, you can easily know when you get a notification as soon as they come online. It is very useful, but if you have such a feature, it is not given there. When you contact someone on WhatsApp, you will receive a notification that they are online.

Whatsapp New Feature

Once you open WhatsApp, you will get a notification. This feature is officially launched now from our checks. It is very useful for many people. If someone comes online when they are on WhatsApp, a notification will come. And this feature is a notification if they come online once a day.

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But it is not. Every time they open WhatsApp We get a notification no matter how many times they come online 10 times 20 times in a day, we get the notification at the correct timing but if we want to come like this we have to use wa tracker is very easy for us to launch this through the tracker we have come online. You can set it to receive notification. About this simple trick, the application is called WA Tracker, the application to be downloaded, I clicked on it, it is downloaded in play store and the application is available, but there are no third party links.

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Enter their number if you want to get it then share after giving that number and that’s it when you give me the number from that moment they will open it then you will get a notification and in this way our notification

Conclusion :-

Have you seen friends, through this application brought by a government, we can easily set the notification of who has come online in WhatsApp, and every time we go to WhatsApp, we can find out whether they are online or not.

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