“Protecting Yourself From Deepfake Videos: Top Tips”

Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is that we all know that we are being used in many ways through “Protecting Yourself From Deepfake Videos: Top Tips”Ai Tool this is how it has been used it has taken many lives.

Friends it’s AIT is useful for us in many ways like for any kind of animation videos and for any content creation like YouTube SC for titles but this useful Ai tool is now also useful for face marking it’s very bad for those who say how good Ai tool is for us How does that mean if someone has a photo of a movie heroine, our face is being added to the place of that photo, that is to say clear cut, face marking is being done.

They are setting it up and releasing it on social media. At the same time, a video of Rashmika Vandanlan has gone viral on social media. All of them are there but the truth is revealed that it is a deep fake through the artificial intelligence technology of the house. Currently there is a discussion about the deep fake technology of the social media.

Ai tool video has become very viral. With fake technology one person can change the face of another person i.e. another person in the photo or video in the face of our photo is another person Mohan I can set this is a synthetic video or artificial with intelligent technology creating videos like this some fake videos are making videos viral. happened “Protecting Yourself From Deepfake Videos: Top Tips”

"Protecting Yourself From Deepfake Videos: Top Tips"

“Protecting Yourself From Deepfake Videos: Top Tips”

But if you want to get rid of this problem, many people are suffering from it. Artificial intelligent technology has become available. If you think that many people are misusing it, then you have to take some precautions. Why is it that you don’t post your personal food or personal photos on social media? There is a possibility of making a fake video so you can fake it under any circumstances do not share your photos or videos on your social media keep them private keep them private do not share them with anyone if you are you and do not send them on social media under any circumstances “Protecting Yourself From Deepfake Videos: Top Tips”

Just like friends, just as easily, you too can get out through an artificial intelligent technology. And don’t worry its artificial intelligence is very useful for us but it is useful as it is used” Protecting Yourself From Deepfake Videos: Top Tips”

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