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Hello friends, how are you friends, today our article is about some tricks from Instagram, that is we have 5 tricks in this article, the detailed details of which are going to be given to you below, please read and understand this article completely, but in this topic, I have made a video, and I will give you the link of that video. Click on the link given below and see if it is easy for you

Friends, just like how WhatsApp has become crazy, the application that is in craze for every youth is Instagram, in this Instagram application, they are giving us many types of features. In this Instagram, Reels and posts are very small and still becoming social media fans. Every day we get a lot of tricks on this Instagram. Among those tricks, I am going to tell you five tricks. 

1.Reels Downloading :- 

Friends, our first trick in this is that you can easily download those reels to put a WhatsApp status, but to do that, you have to download a YouTube status or some other status, but otherwise you can easily download and put our Instagram reels, but in this one The problem is that if you play with normal save, you will download the reel, but there you will see the Instagram logo of the reel, without the logo, you can easily download the reel. Let’s see how.

How to Download Reels :-

  • Friends, after you open Instagram, select the reel you want and then go to that option so that the post is a reel for you, then zoom in so that the favorite reel symbol on the top disappears and click on the three dots. Once done, click on the save button and it will be saved to your gallery as soon as it is done.

2.Online Status Off :- 

Friends, our second trick is that when you surf online, that is, when someone sends you a message on Instagram, you will find that they have seen the message. The status will be turned off but other than that you can only turn off only your scene. How is it that if someone messages you, they will see your message and they will get the scene just?

Just Seen Status Off

  • Friends, for these tricks, first open Instagram, open your profile, click on the three dots above your profile, open other people’s profiles, click on Restricted option, and set Easy. Even if they send you a message, they will not know that you have seen it

3.Celebrities Messaging With Instagram 

Friends, the third trick for us is that if celebrities message you easily on Instagram, you think it’s a bagu, but it’s impossible, but you can set it in a way that your friends or your social media have messaged you on Instagram. Let’s fully see how the msg looks like this trick is just for prank

How To Message Celebrities

  • For this trick of friends, you should first open your Instagram account and then easily send a message to all the celebrities you want to message, say hi to them, then go to messages and long press on their account, and mark us there. If you click on it, your message will be displayed as if they have sent you, friends.

4. Message Send Without Notication 

Friends, when you send a message to someone, you will use many tricks that the message should go to them without any notification.
  • Friends, if you think that when you send a message to your friends or someone, they should get it without any notification, then you don’t need to do anything. If you write a message and send it easily, type @ silent in front of the message and how many messages you have sent will go easily without notification. Follow this trick. No matter how many messages are sent, they are easily sent without any such notification.

5.instagram Live Stickers

Friends, our fifth trick is that you keep posting stickers on Instagram, add your pace to your original pace and send the stickers. How to send stickers on normal Instagram, you have to go to this application and from there. You used to have to add the sticker to your pace and send it but this trick is there is an option called Selfie in the stickers option below in your Instagram.

How To Set Instagram Stickers
  • Have you seen this friends, we can easily download the reels through these five tricks, the first trick is that many people say that the quality downloaded through YouTube is not good, it is useful for such people, the reel with high quality can be downloaded and the second one is well known to all of us, that is, our last scene. I have told you in detail above how we can stop it and the third is celebrity messages which means we can prank our friends that we have messaged a celebrity. Ahead of you is a holiday boy
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