How To Disable Two Blue Tick Marks In Whatsapp | Hide Whatsapp Lat Seen

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Hello friends, how are you friends, today our article is about Easy Whatsapp, Easy WhatsApp, a very good feature, that is, when you type any message in Easy WhatsApp, you will not get the blue tick, read this article fully and understand how.

Friends, currently in our Android phone, that is, in every mobile phone, WhatsApp is the most popular feature, but there are many types of tricks through WhatsApp, among the many types of tricks, some tricks have been brought to you by the people of WhatsApp beta. A trick for you is that if you think someone has sent you a message on WhatsApp, you can turn off the blue tick on that message. That is, any kind of new updates that come through WhatsApp, I will bring to you what are the tricks and if you like this article, then share it with your friends and read it completely, you will understand.

Friends, first open WhatsApp and click on the three dots on the top right. After that, go to the settings and tap on the account option. If you click on the privacy option and disable the read receipts feature, then the other person will not know that you have seen the message even through the password dispute. For this, first go to WhatsApp settings and click on notification, then click on the popup notification feature and then select one of the three options that appear there. They don’t know that you have seen the message, many of us are waiting for this trick, that is, many of us are waiting for this trick in many ways, that is, how many of us, if someone sends a message to his friends or what he wants, they think that they should not see it, but they see it in their house. As you have seen, they will be confused but without knowing that, the tricks I mentioned can be easily set by the user. 

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