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Hello friends, how are you friends, our article is that when you take a screenshot on your mobile phone and give it to someone, if there is anything important to you in the screenshot, you can blur it and send it without showing it, I am going to tell you the full details of it below. Please read and understand completely, but if you don’t understand, a video link has been given below, after clicking on that link, it will go to YouTube and the video will be played there.
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Friends, when you want to take a screenshot of your mobile to someone, then when you think that you can see something important in that screenshot of your mobile, you use other applications or color shading or editing it, otherwise, before you send your screenshot to someone, it is important to you. You can blood what it looks like for the tree of this you have to download a small application but the application is available in the play store I am going to tell you the full details below.

 Download Now:-

As soon as you click on the red color button under friends, you will go to the play store and from there you will see this application, install it and then open it.


How to use:-

After opening the friends application, it asks for some permission. After giving that permission, you want to take a screenshot, then immediately after you take it, you can show that you want to blur it or show it as a highlight, and you can give it a sticker of your choice in the sticker type. You can blur it, you can increase the quality, you can crop the photo, after opening the application, it will ask below and click on it, then as soon as you take a screenshot, there will be an edit option. In and we can type on it

 Have you seen this friends? It’s so easy that you also think about this application before taking a screenshot of someone on your mobile phone and if you take a screenshot and edit it, you won’t have any problem. I made a video about the application. Do watch the video if you like it then subscribe ok boy friends see you in the next article

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