Best Music Edge Lighting | Music To Edge Light Enable In 2022

Best Music Edge Lighting Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is easy you can set your mobile screen edge with lighting and music let’s see how

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Best Music Edge Lighting Friends, you can enjoy every application on your mobile. Nowadays, there are new updates or new features that are coming in front of us. It will be good if it is set, but how is it going to be told completely, read this article completely, you will understand.

Download Now :-

As soon as you click on the red color button under friends, you will be connected to Playstare and from there you will be able to download.

How To Use:-

Best Music Edge Lighting Friends application but after opening it will ask you some options and permission there you go to settings and after giving it there is an option in your mobile you can set the screen lighting of your mobile through the option that is always there songs are vinyl always there disco lights type will be lit how does that mean there You will see some options, if you do a side school, a different design, if you scroll again, a different design will appear, and you will see different designs that you like. In this mobile phone, the time comes on the screen and it also comes there, the whole thing is shown there.

 Have you seen this friends? It’s so easy that you too can win by turning on the enjoyment lighting while listening to the songs on your mobile phone as I said. Similarly, if anyone doesn’t know this trick, share it with your friends, they will also know and they will also enjoy.

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