Set Multiple Ringtones in Android

 Set Multiple Ringtones in Android

It is probably the coolest Android trick in the list of Best Hacks, Tips  and Tricks for Android. It is a simple yet handy trick. Also it lets you setup a playlist as your ringtones for calls sms and alarm.

More over it means there there will be a different alert sound every time you get  a call or SMS and therefore, a new alarm tone every day.

Steps to set More then One Ringtones at once are:

1. Download and installs Rand Tune from the link

2. Grant all permissions.

3. Now You will see three main sections each for Call, SMS, and Alarms.

4. Move to the next tab, and tap the +sign to create a playlist.

5. Move back to the previous section and then set the playlist as your alert for the desired category.

And you are done. You can get creative and makes as many playlists as you want.

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