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Google Pay Transaction Processing Problem 

When we transfer money, the amount in Google Play goes into processing
🔹 In fact today we will see what is the real reason for it to go into processing
 🔹Friends It is a Fake News that when we transfer an amount on Google Pay, the amount lost in processing will be with Google Pay.
🔹It’s not even near Google Pay, it’s just stuck in the middle of Bank Lake
🔹 The amount in the middle of these bank servers is the process that takes time to account for whoever they are again
🔹Friends it only takes us two days to 5 days for this to happen
🔹Many people think that Google Pay is what Google people think is our amount
🔹 In fact, it’s the amount lost in processing
🔹 There are just a few reasons why Google Pay is so indirect. One of them is a network problem
🔹Another thing is that even if the bank server is busy, the amount we have in Google Play will go into processing.
🔹All these should be observed while carefully transferring the amount according to us
 🔹If you are still scared of the Google name but you can come up with something else when the amount of promotions is gone otherwise they will answer
🔹And even after you have read all this, if you are still scared, do Internet banking, but Internet banking has nothing to do with it. It is very careful and perfect…..
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