most amzing screen lock 2022 new trick

 Hello hi friends how are you friends our article is about setting various screen locks for mobile that you have never seen before in 2022. I will tell you the full explanation below


We set different screen locks to our mobiles but they come on our mobiles but now using an app I say you can lock a new type of screen to your mobile which is very strange to see. Let me know now how you can use this app. You have downloaded a lot of applications for the secret of this. Okay.

The application is available to us in the Play Store in a very secure manner. The name of this application is Picture Password Lock Screen Notification

How To Download :-


Friends will see a red colored button below you. As soon as you click on that button it will connect to the Play Store and ask you to install it from there. As soon as you click there it will be installed. Below I am going to tell you what to do after installing

Friends After you have installed the application, you will see what the app interface looks like. Now you have to turn off a setting on the home screen. Turn it on and it will take two permissions. Press on immediately and another page will open again which will allow you to set the screen background wallpaper. There will be many types of wallpapers. 


Select what you want and then click Next. You put it in one of your sister’s wallpapers and then press on the company’s next option above. As soon as that password is set for you and your sister’s old screen lock off, it will come up when you lock your mobile screen. You can enter your number on the wallpaper. Turn on the mobile as soon as you get into the desired place Locked This way you can set a different screen lock for your mobile

Friends have seen that if we ever grow this application we will find these options and this application in 2022 because no one can do that through this application because no matter what PIN you put.

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