Hello hi friends how are you friends who are our friends this article is that we can easily control our mobile with our fingers how are we going to tell

Friends when you are using mobile you will try new things in many ways but if you want to do that you will try some application for example if it is our mobile then if we move our fingers in the air then we have sitting on mobile as it opens or as the application opens if it is Instagram reels We can set it as we go, but it is a small application given to you through this article, we can download it and follow your steps, that is, when we open something, we see reels. Then we have to touch the screen with our finger and scroll up like that otherwise we can scroll our finger in the air like that in the air our reels are moving up in the same way we are watching youtube shot videos or we are making any of our videos or we can set it like this when we are editing. . Until this is an application you have to download

Download Now :-

App Link

As soon as you click on the download button above, you will be redirected and asked not to download it again. As soon as you click on it a timer of 20 seconds or 10 seconds will come and as soon as it is done you will go to Telegram and download from there. going to say

Friends will ask you for some permissions after opening the application. You give those permissions. After giving all those permissions you will see a tutorial there. If you do that tutorial, you close the application and you can set it so that whatever you do when you move the air with your fingers, it will come up, so if you move up, the wheel will scroll up. You can turn on the settings there if you do it according to the tutorial given by the application, it will be very perfect for you, but the application will be set. Just moving the fingers like that is enough. Similarly, if you like this application, download it as I said and share it with your friends. This trick is also your friends.

Home friends can easily control our mobile with our easy testing through this application and even if we control it from the air, the mobile will be controlled.

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