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Hi friends we are using phone everyday but it is very boring at this time if we install this one app in our phone our mobile will be changed from android phone to iphone immediately let’s see how to do this process now you process for this friends how if you change your mobile to iPhone many times for fun Or maybe you think that you want to set i Phone themes on your mobile and see the same iPhones when your friends see them, but you may have seen many applications in which you only have iPhones after buying them. Maybe otherwise we can change our mobile into iPhone theme without any trouble and without any features without getting ads through this application that I am going to tell you i Phone .

Download Link :-

App Link

For that you have to download the application on your mobile phone, click on the red color download shown below, after clicking, you will be connected to a page where you have to click on download again and then there will be time. For ten seconds, after which time, it will take you directly to the Google Play Store, from there, tap Install and the app will be on your phone. Can be installed

How To Use :-

Now how to use this app.? What is the use? After the application is installed on your phone, open it, first we need to allow some permissions, after allowing, turn on the accessibility settings, only after turning it on, let’s see nearby up icons, wallpaper and animations, the battery percentage of our mobile phone will change completely to iOS, which means it is an iPhone. becomes like We can do it for free on our mobile, we don’t need to pay money for this, we can use it for free, this way we can change the android mobile we are using like an iPhone… This will reduce our boredom, for this, as I said above, we just need to download the app, there are other paid version apps, But the free version app that I have brought for you.

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