Mobile Shortcut Trick S11

Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is very easy to bring an amazing feature in our mobile phone which we get an application that means if you share once an application will open then reverse the mobile and share another application will open It can be set in such a way that it can be said that it is very amazing and what kind of thing to do for this I am going to explain completely below read the article in full to understand.

Friends, usually many people use mobile phone but now in the present time there is one role that remains mainly in the hands of many people and in the life of many people i.e. mobile phones mobile phone plays a major role in the middle of every human being. We are getting many types of features even if we scroll with finger through mobile phone, we are getting a lot of features and in the middle of such teachers, today I have brought a new and amazing feature. This is for anyone. If we do not open any application using our mobile phone, they will try to block it. However, the application should be opened immediately, that is, if there is any application that we use every time, we have to open that application every time. It is enough to insert in it by . Once you share your mobile phone, the application will be opened very easily. This is useful for us even when we are in traffic or in an urgent situation. And what is its link I am explaining completely below

Download Now :-

App Link

Friends, by clicking on the download button above, you can connect to the play store very easily, through which you can install it.

How To Use :-

Friends first requires you to open the application and then asks you for some permissions. Give that permission, through those permissions you will be available to run your applications. After giving them, you will be asked to select app or action. If you click on it, whatever application you want to open, shake the scroll like this once. Have you inserted the application? If you do, you will get all the mobile phone applications, that application is the only one you want to use for speed tomato. After doing that, the second application will also be written below, that is, if you share it like this, you will be asked to open another application in any way. After selecting the application also, I will ask you in the settings Shake Twist Profit Sensor Vibration Sensitivity, we should fill the line of that near the sensitivity, that is, by putting it as complete, when we share the phone just like this, the application will open very quickly, shake above. It asks that means by that option we shake it and give it permissions and if it asks the doctor we can set it so that the vibration will come as soon as we shake it once like this if you are there then save it and whenever you shake it from then on your application will be opened so that every time you Do you want to open the application urgently or if you are trying to open the application with a single hand when you are in the traffic at a high speed, you just need to shake it.

Conclusion :-

What other friends have you seen, how long has it been and you can also download this application as I said through your mobile phone and it is very easy. If you want to open the application urgently and easily, you can open the application by making a second application and if you are very easy, you can open the application. But follow and if anyone can’t find to open these mobile phone applications then share this article to those who are too lazy to open them they will also know amazingly.

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