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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is we can play a wonderful game very easily yours this is our all favorite youth what if cricket is the game of this we play live very easy in your mobile phone very easy free amazing mold how about you in the stadium You can play in it as you would like to play

With the help of friends, you go to different places to play cricket in different ways, or you don’t bat in different ways, but in many ways, you feel that sometimes it would be better if I play in the stadium. But what I am going to tell you is that you can fulfill your dreams with just one application that means you play games in any stadium. That is why cricket is for us only in the stadium it can be played wonderfully if there are all the spectators around and it will still be encouragement.

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By clicking on the download box above friends, it is very easy for you to reload away from there you will be connected in another name, from there it will take 15 seconds to get back up, from there the application history will be done, so I am going to say that you have to enjoy installing the application.

Such is the application of this application. Through this application, you can play cricket live in the stadium very easily. You should have an application for that. If the application is for you cricket game you can play cricket very easily through this application i.e. how can you play cricket game if you are near home or when you go out also you can sit at home very easily wherever you want by playing on phone it is very comfortable and what is another application Let’s see its complete details below

How To Use :-

Friends, first you download the application and then open it, after that it will ask you for some permissions, by giving those permissions, your applications will be found if your login ID means you will have to log in with your Google account. You can log in your gmail account in this application very easily without any problem and it will ask you to download. Downloading will come and some settings will be installed. Hi, after installation, you will be asked to continue. Click on top 2. Immediately after doing so, you will have many options here. is given and our points are also tickets are also available which is on going tournaments and here what is click match you can play cricket easily if you click on joint tournament you have application of how cricket tournaments are going on also cricket tournaments By what happens you can play easily and you have there very easy quick matching then whatever game you want to play there I don’t care if you have a team through you credit card is done very easily if you have an Australia in that team India similarly match with other countries India But as soon as it is set, if you type on continue, you will see a stadium entrance, that means welcome to, and you will see a stadium. Which team will stand in that team in a row, then if it is Indian India, we will play India National and Hand M. Similarly, Chinese, but Australia, but Australia, whoever has a song for that country, they will play music there, which means it is original for us in the cricket stadium. It is done in the same way and after they play, you will have another tattoo continue option. If you click on it, they will pass. That is, one captain of the two teams will come and the other captain will cross. If we click on the option we like, the task as we like, it will fall there, through it, if you have a game, it will open, if you, whoever is bowling, it will show us that it is bowling. If you are batting, if you are on the batting side and when the ball is coming, it will show you what you need to press. Throwing is done in the same way, we have what point we have got, if we are on the back side, we explain it to us, similarly, we have announcement commentary, that is, whatever we are bowling there, how many points we have got, how many points the other team has today. But commenting is done

In the same way, if you are there, you can play any tournament or quick match that you like. Encouraging makes you want to play more if it’s a game then how do they increase if you want your team to win some people do congress how in the stadium they keep encouraging you while playing the game play play play the surrounding audience is the same audience you have in this game too

Conclusion :-

Have you seen this friends, you can also easily apply the tricks of this as I said through your mobile phone and ask if it is a cricket game through the application very easily. Close to cricketIf the game is live, you can play it through the application of the live stadium, in which you, along with the national team, will comment on the live score, and the audience around you will encourage you to play the game. For more interesting tips and tricks like this you can follow our website and share it with your friends from this application so they will also know.

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