Mobile Call Log Editor

Hi friends how are my article today’s article is very easy to talk about when we get a phone of our colony or how many minutes do we talk about it Mobile Call Log Editor. While we know how long we know in the call log, we can edit some call settings in this application, which means that we can change the number of him when a person can change the number.

the contact name can be done or how long have we can talk about? Even if a person talks to us for an hour or for five minutes or two hours, you can reduce that edit what we save if we save the phone book and then phoned and changed the name of the person we phoned.

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If you have downloaded the application on the top of the friends and download it through it, it goes into the Play Store.

Plays can be made by the name and our number in his number placement can be made in our phone book by putting this in our phone book.

Mobile Call Log Editor

We can make them easier in our phone book and make it easier to make an out -of -going calls incoming.

How To Edit Call Duration :-

Mobile Call Log Editor

Mobile Call Log Editor

Mobile Call Log Editor

After downloading the application if you have an application and open some permits as soon as you give you some permits and give you those permits to give you a call lock permit and give you a lot of permits and edit it with this application. However, you can edit what it wants to edit.


This is what friends are so easy to try on your mobile phone and edit mobile call this way

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