App Shortcut Tricks

Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is easy today I am going to tell about an application and through application we can change ads short cut means application is short cut useful App Shortcut Tricks .

Friends, when you pick up someone’s apps on your mobile, you don’t click on your WhatsApp to see their apps, or you don’t click on that app, or you don’t like the logo of an app on your mobile, this happens a lot. Without any you can change the name of your applications its logo if it is WhatsApp then you can change it to WhatsApp App Shortcut Tricks .

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Friends, if you are very curious, I am going to tell you how you can change the names, logos, front styles of the applications in your mobiles through this application. Friends this application is available on Playstare without any third party links App Shortcut Tricks

App Shortcut Tricks

Friends, if you click on the download link above, it will ask you to go to the play store and install the application from there. Friends, after downloading this app, I am going to tell you the steps below.
Open the friends application and give the permissions there, give it to apps, contacts, folders, files, settings, website, and create an application setting of your choice with a logo of your choice and a name of your choice.

This is how easy it is for you, friend, to set these short cuts on your mobile and change your apps.

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