Mobile Battery Charge Full To Alarm Ringing 100% Work

Hello Hi friends how are you friends today our article is telling you after your mobile battery is charged let’s see how it is.

Friends you keep charging your mobile but at that time you forget to go out or fall in some work at such time your mobile battery life will be reduced but in the topic I am going to tell you today I will put your mobile charging for you or not at all Forgot but charging is full and the patient will tell you under an alarm Friends look at the title above and you will understand It tells you that charging is in the form of an alarm and if you do not know about this trick please share it with your friends Pony can use this trick too Will need to be downloaded though. This application is available to us in the Play Store.

How To Download: –

Click on the red button under Friends and you will be connected to the Play Store from where you can download.

How To Use: –

📌Step 1: – Friends, as soon as you open the application, you do not process anything. This is how they look when they are turned on directly.

📌Step 2: – Friends you can see this by clicking on the plus above. Then there will be mode that will be connected there.


📌Step 3: – Then you can give the audio file of your choice that you like sound. Then when you have given all the settings click on the save button at the top then you will be saved under a folder.

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Friends, this is how easy it is for you to save your battery life and it will take you away as soon as the charging goes up. 

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