How to Turn Your Old Smartphone Into a CCTV Camera | How to Setup CCTV with Old Mobile


How to Turn Your Old Smartphone Into a CCTV Camera

Hello hi friends how are you friends our article is going to tell you how to look at your friend mobile

Friends you go out on a day job then leave near home then it is impossible for you to know what they are doing who is coming so you can see on your mobile through any mobile camera.Friends for this one trick you have to have two mobiles One is near you One is in your home Both of these mobiles You have to install an application I will give the application link related to that app below.If you click that link it will connect in the play store from there you have to install after installing I will tell you the following steps below

Friends If you have installed the app or open it after installation it will show you parents and baby in it you have to open the option to open the option called Baby to your mobile in my mobile on my mobile. The camera will turn on. Then you will see a QR code above it Press on and you will see it full then open any option on your mobile and you will see many variants Open the option called Open for you. Scan the QR code on your other mobile with that scanner. Scan your mobile phone for any KCR that may have come with your mobile phone. You can talk to your children whoever you can talk to your other people It happens to be on mobile. Tough trick. Just download a small application for this trick. This app is only 13 mb

How To Download :- 

Friends will see a red colored button below you. As soon as you click on that button it will connect to the Play Store and ask you to install it from there. As soon as you click there it will be installed. Below I am going to tell you what to do after installing

Did friends see the same way you were also told to find out what happens near your shop or anywhere near your house If you like it share it with your friends and let them know too OK boy meet in next article

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