How to play free YouTube music in the background on Android and iPhones

How to play free YouTube music in the background on Android and iPhones

 Hello Hi friends, how are you Friends do you watch YouTube songs or videos but as soon as you come back to the homescreen you can not watch youtube videos will stop as soon as you hear the songs will stop listening but today in the article I will tell you today youtube songs easily. Listen. You can use another app. I’m going to tell you below. You will understand if you read this article in its entirety.

We use many types of video player app to watch videos on our mobile but in that app we do not have all kinds of options but now I will tell you a lot through a video player application you can use many different options in which you can watch 3D movies for KHD Videos as well as a good option in this app is that you can watch videos playing on the app on youtube while playing the player background video you can also read another app on your mobile through all the songs player on youtube in full. An application has to be downloaded I will give the application link below.Then open it and after liking all the video songs on your mobile will appear then open youtube play any song you want to hear on youtube what do you see under that song Press on it and all your mobile player apps will be coming in Select the song as soon as it appears in the VLC player. As the player plays the song, you will see three dots below. Click on it and you will get a variety of options. You can shave the song from the moment it happens. Then you will be satisfied that you have heard the songs, you will feel like you have done the videos and you have the work you want to do.

How To Downlaod :- 

Friends will see a red colored button below you. As soon as you click on that button it will connect to the Play Store and ask you to install it from there. As soon as you click there it will be installed. Below I am going to tell you what to do after installing

This application is so easy that you too can download this application on your Android mobile and run other apps by listening to YouTube songs. This application will be very useful for you.

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