How To Set Lock On Instagram Chats

☑️ Friends, if you want to lock instagram like this, there are no settings in instagram.
☑️ Download an app and then we can set lock for chatting…
How To Download App :- 
To download the application that I mentioned, if you press on the download button in red color, you will be directly connected to the Play Store. Then you can download it easily…..



How To Use Application :- 
🔹 Once you download friends app you have to give some permission…
🔹After doing so, it will come out as shown below


🔹 Here you have to give your desired lock 4 digits.
🔹 Again should be given for the second time

🔹 Here comes yours

Give G-mail…



🔹 Here you have to enable and turn on permission in settings.
🔹Then Instagram will open, go to chats and select the chat you want to lock.
🔹There you will be asked for your 4 digit code

🔹Such friends, should you also lock the chat..


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