How To Recover Any Forgotten Password | How To Find a Lost Password

Recovery Any Forgetten Password

Hello hi friends how are you friends today our topic is let’s see what kind of password you can forget if you can forget it.

Friends you can forget any PIN for many applications or Gmail accounts or Net Banking, but when you forget like that you will try a lot but you will not have the use and you will forget the password even in applications like Facebook or Instagram I will not tell you in any of today’s article Let’s see how you can forget the password or any account v passwords you can forget. And friends I have to say there is no application work in these tricks. Forget with a little trick.

Friends, first open the settings on your mobile 
and then click on Google Settings. 
There, click on Manage Your Google Account, 
scroll to the side, click on Security, 
scroll down and click on Password Manager. 
If you click on any of them,
 that means if you click on Facebook, 
you will find all the Gmail or Account links that you have to Facebook. 
But when you open it, you will see your Gmail and password under the dots. 
With this little trick you can also see any password and you will not have to worry about forgetting the password with this trick.

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