Best Ways to Save Your Eyes From Mobile Screen | Protect Your Eyes From Mobile

Protect Your Eyes From Mobile

Best Ways to Save Your Eyes From Mobile Screen | Protect Your Eyes From Mobile
Hello hi friends how are you friends our topic today is to protect your eyes from your mobile.

Most children and adults spend a lot of time with a mobile phone while children watch more mobile screens called online classes or games. So I’m going to give you some advice. With the advice I give you you can protect your eye up to 75%. The most common cause of eye damage on a mobile phone is radiation and screen power, which can be dangerous for us when using a mobile phone.

1. Ice protection mode should always be on your mobile phone.

2. Turn on the dark mode on the mobile.

3. Most of the time while reading anything on our mobile phone but we put more focus on the mobile phone. Then in the mobile there is an option called Reading Mode in the notification center you have to turn on that option. With that option on the mobile you will get a yellow color screen that will not pose any risk to your eyes when you read on that screen.

4. Do you keep looking at your mobile phone continuously so that after a while your eyes relax when you look at an object that is far away from you?

5. Then the glass on your mobile phone must be used properly so that those who use it will not let our Vasuhai display power from the mobile harm our eyes.

6. Matte or gaming glass sold exclusively on your mobile phone can reduce some risk by using them.

If you use your mobile phone continuously, follow the steps I mentioned above so that you can catch your eye from your mobile phone as well. .Click on it and the video will play automatically. Through it you can watch the video.

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