How To Know Whatsapp hacked Or not Hacked

Hello hi friends how are you friends our article today is how to know if WhatsApp is hacked.

Will the original WhatsApp be hacked? Or not? Let’s look at the goals that exist.

In fact our WhatsApp is very secure. It is end-to-end encrypted so all our data is stored on a fellow WhatsApp server with a lot of protection without even WhatsApp knowing and it can be hacked which means it is only possible by big guys like cyber hackers. So let us see what else hacker’s targets are about whatsapp hacking

1. Stay out of sight even when you see WhatsApp messages.

2. Your WhatsApp will close automatically.

3. You will not see the other status but it will go to them as seen.

4. Occasionally changing your profile.

5. Showing that you are online even if you are not online.

6. You will receive messages in other languages.

7. Joining an Aveo group without you knowing.

Friends If your WhatsApp is hacked you will notice the above targets If you see these features it definitely means that your WhatsApp has been hacked.

I have also been doing a video on youtube along with the article in this way you will have to click on the video link below that you can know more information.

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