Be Careful With WhatsApp

Hello hi friends how are your friends today our article is that whatsapp we find in playstore means we know what kind of harmless application it is and the harm that is happening in it is whatsapp is linked to facebook we know this thing works with other companies that company promotion For and for the installer the links of those apps or the links of the website are being messaged to us by people who do not know her personal account like WhatsApp, there is a chance that our data will be hacked if we click on the link they put. You should know that if someone you do not know leaves a message on WhatsApp, report and block them. Some people, however, have taken a loan directly in the form of a message on WhatsApp, fearing that today is the day you need to repay. So if someone you do not know links to someone in the form of a message please do not click and you do not download the third party application at all in the link that came on WhatsApp.

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