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Hello hi friends how are u friends today my artical is easy earn money from chingari application 


This application was banned a year ago, but again this application was newly loaded in the Play Store, some applications are used in many ways, but no matter how much you try on such apps you are not making money but today I will tell you the story You can easily make money by watching videos on tik tok Videos Type in whatsapp status or you can create your own videos by naming your friends in nisha type, I’re going to tell you how to read the full article below



Friends, this application is available in the Play Store. I will give you the steps below to install and open the Play Store as soon as you click on the red color button below.


Friends This application is required to log in with your mobile number or Gmail as soon as it is opened. A video can be created and a wallet symbol will appear next to it. This symbol is now newly placed. All the Rupees are connected under the Rupee. If you look at the name of this little  it is chingari  Power by Gary. The friends village says KYC Verify. An option appears. Click on that letter. 


Do and your through this application You can send the amount to anyone or receive it. If someone sends it, you can receive it and you can buy the thousand nuts that you get without watching the video How can you make some task complementary coins?


Below are three options. Points Diamond Cash As soon as you click You can also do this by clicking on the Withdraw option and the action will open if you click on the symbol and as soon as you click on the symbol in the middle it will open instead of in a camera type where you can post the video directly or upload any video you have made or when you take the video There are also some options that may have effects on you. The effect is of the Sunday cat type or hat type. The music can be added to the video made or you can put the music as you like or put the music as you like and click on the three lines on the side. Where you will find My Profile As soon as you click on the profile you will see a whole bunch of information on how many people are following you. Your sister’s identity will give you what your name is given and you can your followers and boost your link videos and how many posts you have there The total details are how many posts you have received, how many people have been added to the post you have posted or how many followers you have. As soon as you click on those three lines again, by the diamond under the profile shows that you buy a dimension and if you put 20 diamonds there you can get them If you convert, you will get 50 rupees and if you put 250 ml of water for 50 rupees, if you put 50 diamonds there for 20, you will get 50 rupees if you convert them and if you put 250 ml of water for 50 rupees, you will get the same 250 rupees. That way if you put 20 rupees and 50.0 you will get fifty rupees as well as the phone you like But you can buy these options to convert these diamonds are all there and you can put twenty fingers here and you will get 50 thousand rupees more than one lakh diamonds which means you can get 30000 profit if you put 30000 twenty fingers and where the third option is if you click three immediately audio rooms here some audio OK you can join them from there you can create your own videos in type there is an option called Language where you can enhance the language you like There is an option where you can set the language which is comfortable for you and there is a referral and erne option Here is the reference earning If you invite a person you will get 25 hundred it means that if you copy this link and share it to your sister friend then your friend will click on this link and download chingari app and post 10 videos in it if your friend is some If you draw with a double then you will have to choose 2500 immediately The is an everlasting project but in this application which is new in 2022 it tells us only one simple trick is that as soon as you share the link your friend clicks on the referral link and downloads it on Playstore and logs in with the mobile number and from there your friend But you have to watch 10 videos. 


Whoever puts the Tik Tok videos here in the status type should scroll through 10 videos and watch 10 videos completely. As soon as you see that, what will happen to you? This is a very simple trick if you watch 10 videos by your friend without doing anything. Twenty-five hundred comes. You can withdraw the amount to your sister’s bank account or your sister’s Paytm account or you can also withdraw via Share with Friends via WhatsApp. As soon as you click on this link we will be connected to Chrome from where youGames are all about playing and making money and as soon as you get into the phone screen an option called Superstars chingari superstar appears. Put it neatly it should have more of your followers and the more you do it then you will easily be on the superstar list

Did you see that it’s so easy for you to click on the link I gave on your android mobile phone and install the app and follow the steps I mentioned above so that you can earn a certain amount daily from there and share it with your friends and you can also make money that way Can earn


Friend I’ve made this parrot video about this application but if you read this article and you do not understand my ok then as soon as you click on the video link I give below you can connect to youtube on youtube if you can easily watch the video from there and you if you like the video then friend Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share to Your Friends Meet in a Friend Circle

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