Hidden Secret Photos From Google files



Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is going to tell you how to save secret photos



Friends are photos you take with your friends or personal documents that you take and download from Photos or WhatsApp but at such times you may use some kind of application that you do not want anyone to see. Your secrets will be known to everyone if you delete the box photos or upload the box photos on social media to no avail to you but today for all such people I just brought an application from playstore without any third party application from us this application is from google This application is safe You can use this application as it is very safe to hide any photos in this application.


Friends This application is available to us on PlayStation Files by Google This application is very secure for us because this application is linked to Google No third party application is linked to this app and clicks the red button below Connects From there you can install though.



Friends open the application I told you there it will ask you some permissions they will give you there then it will ask you to login with your mail Give your mail and type the password and then your photos and videos will appear there and if you look down it will be called Safe folder there you Click on it and it will ask for PIN or Pattern. If you set a lock of your choice you will create a folder called Safe Folder. If you click on it, you will find that all the photos in it are safe.

Do you want to hide the secret on your Android mobile phone as easy as friends can see -Please take photos and tell this trick to your friends and your family members This is a very valuable trick OK let’s meet boyfriends


Friends, I’ll give you a video link below. As soon as you click on that link, you will be connected to YouTube and from there you can watch my video.

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