How to activate Google chat Full Details

 How to activate Google chat

Google Chat is a communication software developed by google built for teams that provide live messaging and team chat rooms as well as a group messageging function that allows Google Drives content sharing.This is one of the two applications that will replace Google Hangouts the other is Google Meet.

Follow below steps and activate google chat on your mobile

Step 1

Open Gmail

Step 2

Tap on 3 line icon on top left corner


Scroll down and select “Settings”

Step 4

Select your account

Step 5

Select General if you are anndroid person check off switch the chat and rooms tabs if you are iOS person toggle show the chat and room tab on. 

Step 6

Click on Ok

Step 7

You will see below notifications

Step 8

Below is the window from where we can chat.

Turn on the Google chat option in your Gmail as well as your friends

Okay by friends

See you in the next topic after some times

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