Google Dialer Call Recording Without Announcement | Call Recording Without Announcement

 Hello Hi How are your friends? Our article to give to friends is Call Recording Without Announcement


Friends are all of you chatting on your Android mobile phones at such a time when you call someone on this mobile the call announcement is called call husband at such a time the other person will know that you are recording the call but if you do not want to know then follow me today if you can most applications platform And many more still use a lot of tracks but if they are not set then follow the trick of what I say today if you however call any call recording without any comment if the application name is taken ttslexx

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The application is available in the Play Store. If the application is named, it is Ttisless. This application is very safe because it is available in the Play Store and the button will appear in the yellow bear’s eyes. As soon as you click on that button you will be connected to the Play Store and they will start from there

How to use :-

First open the application I mentioned and then open it. Members will immediately go into the settings and click on the search button where the Speech Text to Speech on option will appear. Scroll down and click on Text to Speech. Click on the Prepare Engine option and you will see the name of the application that Google has installed in it. You can download any application and click on it. Change that option as soon as you come back to the home screen and book your sister’s phone. This means that if you call and long press on an application, the app info phone will come up. If you go to school as soon as you get there, the third option is to catch the storage. Touch this clear storage and press the OK button. Come and open your phone book again Click and click on the number of the person you want to call and you will not see the recording option. If you scroll down there will be an option called Recording. As soon as you click on it, you will be recorded with the announcement.

Have you seen Tent as MPTC you too can set up call recording on your Android mobile phone OK bye Friends meet in next article

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If you do not understand this article then I will give you a video link below. Click on that link and you will see the video I joined.


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