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Hello hi friends how are you friends our article is about someone who can not read english message i brought up today an application saying high translator I am going to explain under its full details


Friends Most of you can not read the message in English in English but if someone sends a message in English on WhatsApp it would be a shame to ask anyone if that message is not in English so I brought you a new application today otherwise application name height translator if you apply this You can easily read your sister’s message in English by translating it into English, but it’s an application that is available to you in the Play Store. Many people seem to know how to read a message in English. How to send a message in English. You can see it translated into English by single friends I’m going to tell you the full details of this application below you will understand very meaningfully if you read it in full

Download Now:-

I’m going to give you a fancy application link below. As soon as you click on the red button it will connect you to the Play Store where it will take you to install as soon as itrains 

How to use

Friends as soon as you open this application you will get one option next to him he will get one option next there will be an option translate as soon as done it will be labeled as already Hindi to English If you put it your language should be Telugu to English then there will be an off button on the top if there is one on it What happens is that whenever you turn it on you say hi hi hi there is an option next to it then if you come back and open your sister whatsapp you can type any matter there in telugu then you have set up any English to Telugu Latest Telugu to English in which you have Telugu On to Telugu words will change to English as soon as they are put into Telugu It will work under Google Translator for most of you and you can convert any English word to Telugu


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