Delete your Instagram account | How to Delete an Instagram Account (The Easy Way)

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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is how to delete your instagram account by yourself

Friends usually we can’t delete our instagram account nowadays instagram is very popular in this time instagram account is very famous in everyone’s mobile phone and this instagram account is there in many ways like reels and posts and stories and it is going to be deleted in a few days. So if we put reels on this Instagram we will get money how it is then I will tell you when you get that option and this Instagram is a profit for us in many ways and fun and loss in many ways if you don’t make this Instagram account private then you will be hacked but your account will be hacked. Come back and you have created this Instagram account with your friends or you have created many accounts in your name, you need to delete them, that is, in your mobile phone, there is no delete option in the application, but you do not know how to delete such an option, but you can easily follow the steps that I have shown. You can easily delete it if you see it Everyone should open Chrome and log in to Instagram, that is, friends, this option is not given to those who have the application. However, if you have logged into the account in the application, you have to log in to the account. A small simple trick is how to delete without anyone knowing you will keep it from deleting but as I show you will delete easily if you do this ok boy friends friends if you like this article then like and share and by this trick you can delete every instagram account. It can be done ok boy friends see you in the next article

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