Best Mobile Launcher 2024(13)

Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is that we can set a theme on our mobile phone. I am going to tell you below the full details of what is the theme of this is a circle launched as hi-tech Best Mobile Launcher 2024 .

 Friends you are setting your mobile phone as iPhone theme or the best themes in your Android but while doing so you don’t like the theme because of that, in one the theme is good and in the other the theme is not set properly. You usually see many types of themes, in such themes, once you change one way in dial pad, another way and you have to pay for it. I am going to tell you how to use it and how to set it up.

 Download Now :- 

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Friends, as soon as you click on the red color button above, it will take 20 seconds for you to load, from there the application will be opened and the application is we have a play store through which you can download the application. I am going to explain in detail

How To Use :-

 Friends, if you open the application, after doing it, it will ask you for some permissions, give the permissions, because your dial pad, your phone settings, your camera settings, google settings, overall, all your mobile phone settings, you need those permissions to control it. ask Give on that permissions after giving all those permissions you can easily your mobile phone if the application home screen will look like this

Best Mobile Launcher 2023 (13)

Its application is Hi-Tech Circuit Launcher It’s application looks like most hacking themes and very professional themes. In this, if we have a calendar, we can make a customer, if the battery is in the phone, we can make a customer of the network, we can use the map, weather, normal high-tech Ui app lock, and similarly, if you have more than 100, 100 plus wallpapers, you can see it, and if it is an app list, we can set it. If it is set, I am going to tell you below how it will appear and here you will see the application apps like this. In this, we will see the application in the alphabetical order of letters A B C D. If the application is the color of your choice, if there is a green mark around it like a circle, then the application will come to you in the middle. The logo will be visible but you can easily set the themes, wallpapers and even the color of your choice in the logo.

Security :-

Best Mobile Launcher 2023 (13)

  Friends, in this we can easily hide our application, that is, we can hide applications very easily, that is, many applications are made to hide your friends so that no one can see them, or they try in many ways, but each time that application may be deleted, your data in it may be deleted, otherwise the application may be deleted. Through a theme that I mentioned, you can easily hide everything in the application without anyone seeing it. You can do the application through the small fingerprint access that you put. If you put your fingerprint, you will see Axis Denied. It will say Axis Denied and Siren will come if the fingerprint is correct then Access Denied.

App Lock :-

Granted and our applications can be locked, that is, like our hidden act, we can lock our applications, so if you put a wrong fingerprint, it can also be set to sound a siren. Who are our friends but the application under us Applications that should not be seen we can lock and in this we can control our themes i mean wallpapers we can customize and we can also set a live wallpaper so that our finger will show our hand hack symbols.

Best 50+ RGB Coloured & Hightech Keyboards :-

Best Mobile Launcher 2023 (13)

  And what is an amazing feature for us is that we can also change the themes in this friends keyboard, that is, our 50 plus color keyboard will come, we can set the keyboards we like in this keyboard which is more than 50. You can customize the keyboard in such a way that the typing speed becomes faster when you are texting or messaging someone, and you can change the keys on the keyboard, you can set the letters in the place of the letters you like, if you like it, it is called color keyboards, so that there are RGB colors, it is a high-tech keyboard. That said, the keyboards that come to you in a high-tech way can be set as you can see below

Icons Theme Changer :-

Best Mobile Launcher 2023 (13)

Icon Action Funds for us means that we can change the icons of this application in our way whether the font under them is real. Now if we open any application, an application can appear in small size while the large sizes can be reduced and when the fonts are set, their font size can also be reduced. We can reduce and increase the high-tech wallpapers that we put in. It is very professional. Charging battery and WiFi. Bluetooth flight mode.

Conclusion :-

  Friends, you can also download this application on your mobile phone and change it in a high-tech way. Your mobile will look like a hacked mobile phone. Your theme will look like a hacked mobile phone.

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