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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is that we can easily take some photos through an application called a camera in our mobile phone but very easily I am going to tell you the full details of the application below Best DSLR App.

Friends, we usually take photos on our mobile phones, but many people feel sad because we don’t have a camera, but half of the photos we take through the application of the camera are clear and the rest are blurry, or the color grading feature is not available. You apply your filters and take photos, but unlike you, we are now using snap chat or our mobile cam, but you are taking photos in many ways through our mobile cam. If the face is blurred, we can change it back to normal.

We use many types of applications to do all these things and some times to get our photos in portrait mode and many more ways to edit our photos for color grading, that is, as soon as we take our photo,

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it will be automatically edited. should be If it is such an application we may be growing but in today’s article I am going to tell you about such a new and best application you may have tried many things but if it is this application then try it once if it is very easy for you if our photos are taken with dslr then our photos will come through this application Where is it leaked and this application is put in play store for us full details of what the application is

How To Download :-

As soon as you click on the red color button, the application will go to a play store and from there it will ask you to download it. going to say

How To Use :-

 Friends is usually our application after opening it asks us for some permissions that is to connect to our gallery and when we take that photo it also opens, give those permissions we don’t have any problem by giving them, after giving that permission the application opens. After that, we will see a small tutorial, that is, we will see three tutorial photos.

if we scroll it to the side, then it will open normally, if we look at the options, and if this is the case, we will ask for premium. The premium of this is that if you install it, you will have more features open to you, otherwise you will use it normally, so the application of this will happen to us.

Best DSLR App

  And our application interface looks like this, we can see that it is DSLR shooting, and in this application, we also have an option called DSLR blur and real broken, which means that our photo is blurred in this way. We can easily set not to blur, and we can edit our already taken photos as if they were taken in cameras, in which we will not be affected by lens, depth, color lab, frame craft, there are many types of options like this.

Best DSLR App

Lab is where we can adjust the colors of the photo face and the colors of the background.

Best DSLR App

  After we open the camera option we see album and there are no filters but there are many options like photo modes only we have this

Here we see 200+ filters, similar to what we see on a DSLR camera, and here we can see what quality we want and what resolution we want the photo to be. In which timer and how much zoom we want and how much focus and how we want it is Best DSLR App completely asked but we can edit the full filters of our photo and it also gives us some options like Best DSLR App.

tap to focus while taking photo which means we have already taken photo while taking our photo then back All the ground will be blurred, bleeding our face, as soon as we click on the black background, the background will become clear, our face will become blurred, and also if we top to black through the blur option, all we need is blur Best DSLR App.

Quality Enhance

Yes, the rest looks normal, whatever blood is needed, it can be easily set so that it doesn’t happen, and then in the option, if the quality of the photo we took is low, if we click on it, there are some options below,

Best DSLR App

Best DSLR App Color Lab Dream Ultra HD Smart HDR, when we click on it, our The color grading of the photo can be increased, our face can be smoothed and more color giving can be done and if we take the option of frame, we can set the frames for our photos and Ultra HD means if the quality of our photo is normal quality, we can set it to Ultra HD quality Best DSLR App.


Normally, if you want to increase the quality of the photo, you can use another application to increase the quality of the photo Apart from that, its applications are automatic with our small click, its photo quality is whether we want it in HD or Ultra HD, Smart HD is ok, we can change it and when we change the camera lens of Money, the quality is the same as when we change the lens in this application, there is a setting called Lens. It was given. Click on it and we will see some showing lens Best DSLR App.

Select our photo and click on lens option, we will see some camera length symbols. It really changes and in this way we can easily Best DSLR App set the death map cooperative mode through the options, the outline border around our photo is the shadow and the darkness in the border and we are highlighted, the blur around and the final death playing, we can easily set around our photo. Art frame means that you can make a frame by drawing art by hand Best DSLR App.

Focus Blur

There are many types of frames in it and after clicking on the option called Intelligent Color Lab, if you add our photo, you can set RGB colors in it. It can be set in such a way that in addition to this we have some features that we have given and that is our teams. Comes with a camera and still doesn’t work if we have a DSLR Best DSLR App

Friends, your application is also easy to download and you can take photos through that application, you can increase every quality that comes with the camera without any camera work, and once you have supplied the filter, it is enough to take a photo again with the same filters that you have changed. You can also apply the filter set here to already taken photos Best DSLR App

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